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Items such as personalized coloring books and custom art supplies are a great way to build a brand's image because they provide a familiarity that associates the company's name with objects that are also seen as fun and useful. Any company that makes the investment to give considerate items as a free courtesy demonstrates that they aim to please and they value their customers.
Promotions are complimentary gifts that, if done right, will catch the eyes of a customer's colleagues and friends, This helps to spread your brand among people that it may otherwise not reach and hopefully stir actionable interest. Promotional items such as personalized coloring books and custom art supplies are a miniscule expense compared to the value that they return to companies that service families of young children.
Offering children custom coloring books can demonstrate a professional understanding of the needs of their customers that parents can appreciate when their children are happily entertained leaving them free to conduct business with minimal stress. Oftentimes, such promotional items transform the waiting experience for young children so much that promotional custom coloring books can sometimes become one of the main factors that parents choose a company over others.

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