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Custom paperweights from enable you to transform your corporate logo into a beautiful and functional piece of art. That's right; these gorgeous pieces will be admired by all regardless of where they sit.
You will love the attractive assortment of engraved paperweights that has to offer. Available in a range of shapes and sizes; you can choose the product that best reflects your company's look.
Where can you distribute your beautiful personalized paperweights? These stunning products are not only perfect for any venue, event, or trade show, but they make for beautiful and thoughtful gifts for all of your employees, customers, and clients. When you give away these items, you plant your branding firmly on recipients' desks.
Sunrise's engraved paperweights are made from high-quality materials and offer the perfect place for printing your company name and logo. And because these paperweights are available in so many different shapes, colors, and styles, you can be sure that you'll find an item that matches your company's look.

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