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Custom staplers are essential items for office or academic settings and can promote your company name and image at the same time. Put your logo on a promotional stapler and your recipient will see your brand every time they use it.
Our staplers come in lots of styles and colors and are ideal for welcoming new students or employees, trade show giveaways, and more.
Look around your desk and you're sure to find a couple of promotional desktop items. Maybe you see a notebook with a logo. Perhaps it's a pen or the mug you're drinking from. Chances are that somewhere, sometime you've received custom desktop products, and you've even used them afterward. Think about the logo. Even if you may not remember it offhand right away, you'll probably recognize the name and contact information with just a simple glance.
The key to excellent message retention is repetition. So upon repeated use of your promotional desktop items, recipients are sure to remember your brand. That's right; your logo will be recalled and recognized just from giving out a simple desktop gift. Plus, promotional desktop products are often passed between co-workers, so in addition to having your logo displayed to the original recipient, it will likely make its mark on others as well.

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